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About Us

Good Credit Union is a company offering complete financial solution to people seeking wealth in the area of personal and Business Credits. We are a team of Business experts with full knowledge to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our team comprises of Credit-Risk analysts, Loan Officers-Underwriters, Collection Agents, IT-Systems Analysts and Business analysts working 24/7  to process all the requests that comes from our clients nation-wide.

Over 6 years putting smiles in the faces of our growing clients all over United States, we are proud to provide you quality service with integrity.

We have been scammed before by criminals on Craigslist, Back pages who took our money away in hope they will give us a legal CPN/SNC, Trade-lines, Authorized Users, Shelf Corps and Business funding. As a revenge, we sought and found the hidden secrets of all these processes and we came together as one team to form Good Credit Union – a company founded on Trust, Business Integrity and Wealth creation for all.

We are affiliated with various bank underwriters, Venture Capitals, Vendors, and good contacts with the back office of all the major credit bureaus. We handle every client’s request the same with no discrimination.

We are a smart hard-working team working out of an office to help you navigate through the hidden treasures most wealthy people and profitable companies followed to achieve full financial freedom.

Feel free to contact us for all your business needs! Our prices are very decent compared to our competitors out there. Above all, we operate on a fair and open terms with every one.

It’s quite obvious that the path to wealth comes with Investment and Sacrifices, so we always advice you have your finances together before ordering our service.