We created this company to help consumers and business owners understand the roadmap to complete financial freedom and business funding via experts who have been through the process. Our business is founded on integrity and quality work to all of our clients.
We offer various services to meet your Personal and Business needs. We are very selective as to the type of clients we want to have business relationship with. There are lots of scammers out there and those stealing other people’s hard earn money with unfulfilled promises. If they have issued you another person’s SSN, you are already on the wrong path. We provide fast-turn around but, our prices have been carefully standardize based on the amount of effort we put into every customer’s need.



We help our customers to acquire a New Credit Profile to start a clean credit history. Our SCN are real 9 digit numbers (Not EIN, TIN or Deceased person’s SSN), proven and passes every test with a tri-merge confirmation. This is will validate as issued by the Social Security Administration. Our Number will pass all fraud alerts such as: SafeScan, TeleCheck, Lexus Nexus, Red Alert,Chexsystem,Equifax, Experian, TranUnion e.t.c….and you can start adding tradelines and getting approved for credit cards to start a new chapter of your life.


We have Seasoned Tradelines and Authorized users to boost our client’s FICO score. We advice anyone getting a new SCN to automatically add some tradelines for fast credit. We have list of Authorized Users and Primary Tradelines (Installments, Auto, Mortgages and Large Revolving accounts). Please refer to complete list here


We have Seasoned Shelf Corps from 20 years to 3 years for someone looking to start a new corporation. We know the older your company, the better your chance of getting funding from banks and private lenders. We have empty aged corporations in good standing and also few corps with good tradelines and 80 PAYDEX score for sale. For busy working professionals, we have a program whereby, we can help you build a company from A-Z and get you ready for funding up to $1 Million. Please refer to our pricing.


We have the perfect knowledge on how to build a strong corporation with excellent rating. Our business credit program includes getting tradelines on your business, guiding you where to apply to for credit cards and loans.


We affiliation with lenders willing to borrow business with the right documents and credit history immediate funding. Our lenders examine your business file based on cash flow and credit ratings with D & B and Business Experian. We guarantee fast approval to those who undergo our business credit program.